I have a job

I got the offer about 2 weeks after I wrote my last post, and I started less than 2 weeks after that, so it’s coming up on my four-month anniversary. I didn’t blog about any of the hiring process–I was scared of jinxing it. And it’s taken me awhile to be able to write about it since then–partly I’ve been so busy, and partly I’ve been gathering my thoughts.

The first few days after accepting the offer, the relief was immeasurable. As it sunk in, I felt giddy and had trouble sleeping. It was the same feeling I had as a kid when the school year was about to start–the feeling of just having gotten all my school supplies and being so ready to go.
I also felt scared. Imposter syndrome doesn’t end with grad school. I felt like the company didn’t know me well enough, didn’t have enough proof that I could do the work, didn’t do enough to vet me. I was apprehensive about my own abilities–could I do the work?–and the pace–what if I couldn’t learn everything fast enough?
My company is a famous multinational that is regularly ranked among the best places to work. The perks are pretty incredible, and I’m making about three times more than I’ve ever made in my life. We’ve got open floor plans, no clearly-defined work hours, and they provide lunch for us.
It’s the job I would have picked for myself if I could have picked from any job. It’s in the field I want to be in, at a company I really wanted to work for. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s not. It’s hard, and the challenges are ever-increasing and unpredictable. I have a few posts brewing…there’s lots to write about.

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